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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Karad Pincode / Post Office Search (SATARA, Maharashtra)

Agashivnagar B.O 415539KaradMaharashtra
Ambrag B.O 415206KaradMaharashtra
Antavadi B.O 415106KaradMaharashtra
Arewadi B.O 415114KaradMaharashtra
Atake B.O 415539KaradMaharashtra
Beladare B.O 415114KaradMaharashtra
Belawade BK B.O 415539KaradMaharashtra
Charegaon B.O 415109KaradMaharashtra
Chchegaon B.O 415122KaradMaharashtra
Chitali B.O 415538KaradMaharashtra
Chopadi B.O 415205KaradMaharashtra
Chorade B.O 415538KaradMaharashtra
Chore B.O 415109KaradMaharashtra
Dhondewadi B.O 415104KaradMaharashtra
Gamewadi B.O 415114KaradMaharashtra
Gharewadi B.O 415103KaradMaharashtra
Ghogaon B.O 415111KaradMaharashtra
Govare B.O 415105KaradMaharashtra
Hajarmachi B.O 415105KaradMaharashtra
Helagaon B.O 415106KaradMaharashtra
Indoli B.O 415109KaradMaharashtra
Jinti (Ond) B.O 415111KaradMaharashtra
K0rti B.O 415109KaradMaharashtra
Kalawade B.O 415539KaradMaharashtra
Kale S.O (Satara) 415104KaradMaharashtra
Karad H.O 415110KaradMaharashtra
Karadcity S.O 415110KaradMaharashtra
Karavadi B.O 415105KaradMaharashtra
Karve B.O 415124KaradMaharashtra
Kasarshirambe B.O 415539KaradMaharashtra
Kasur B.O 415103KaradMaharashtra
Kavathe. B.O 415106KaradMaharashtra
Khodoshi B.O 415124KaradMaharashtra
Khubi B.O 415108KaradMaharashtra
Kival B.O 415106KaradMaharashtra
Kodoli(Karad) B.O 415124KaradMaharashtra
Kole S.O (Satara) 415103KaradMaharashtra
Kolewadi B.O 415103KaradMaharashtra
Konegaon B.O 415106KaradMaharashtra
Koprde Hawali B.O 415115KaradMaharashtra
Korivale B.O 415109KaradMaharashtra
Marali(Chore) B.O 415109KaradMaharashtra
Mhaopre B.O 415114KaradMaharashtra
Mhasoli B.O 415111KaradMaharashtra
Mundhe B.O 415124KaradMaharashtra
Nandalapur B.O 415539KaradMaharashtra
Narayanwadi B.O 415539KaradMaharashtra
Nigadi Masur B.O 415106KaradMaharashtra
Ogalewadi S.O 415105KaradMaharashtra
Ond S.O 415111KaradMaharashtra
Padali Masur B.O 415106KaradMaharashtra
Pal B.O 415014KaradMaharashtra
Parle B.O 415124KaradMaharashtra
Perale B.O 415109KaradMaharashtra
Potale B.O 415103KaradMaharashtra
Rethare BK B.O 415108KaradMaharashtra
Rethare KH B.O 415108KaradMaharashtra
Riswad B.O 415106KaradMaharashtra
Saidapur B.O 415124KaradMaharashtra
Sakurdi B.O 415114KaradMaharashtra
Salshirambe B.O 415111KaradMaharashtra
Savade B.O 415111KaradMaharashtra
Shamgaon B.O 415106KaradMaharashtra
Shapur B.O 415115KaradMaharashtra
Shere B.O 415108KaradMaharashtra
Shirawade B.O 415115KaradMaharashtra
Shivanagar S.O 415108KaradMaharashtra
Shnoli B.O 415108KaradMaharashtra
Supane S.O 415114KaradMaharashtra
Suruli B.O 415105KaradMaharashtra
Talmavale B.O 415103KaradMaharashtra
Tambave B.O 415114KaradMaharashtra
Tarukha B.O 415103KaradMaharashtra
Tembu B.O 415105KaradMaharashtra
Thomase B.O 415109KaradMaharashtra
Tulsan B.O 415111KaradMaharashtra
Umbraj S.O 415109KaradMaharashtra
Undale B.O 415111KaradMaharashtra
Vadagaon B.O 415109KaradMaharashtra
Vahagaon B.O 415124KaradMaharashtra
Varungji B.O 415124KaradMaharashtra
Vasantgad B.O 415114KaradMaharashtra
Vathar KH B.O 415539KaradMaharashtra
Vihe Vasahat B.O 415114KaradMaharashtra
Viravade B.O 415105KaradMaharashtra
Wagheri B.O 415105KaradMaharashtra
Wing S.O 415122KaradMaharashtra
Yashwantnagar S.O 415115KaradMaharashtra
Yelagaon B.O 415111KaradMaharashtra
Yenape B.O 415111KaradMaharashtra
Yenke B.O 415103KaradMaharashtra
Yeoti B.O 415111KaradMaharashtra
Yeravale B.O 415122KaradMaharashtra